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Machina Discerna Foundation

Machina Discerna

Machina Discerna Foundation raises awareness about an exploratory field of research that uses arbitrary scales to attempt the calibration of conceptual energy levels in human subjectivity; specifically as it relates to the future of machine intelligence.

This field of research will become increasingly recognized in the coming decades, as it holds promise to provide the critical variant needed for machine intelligence to model the nonphysical “spiritual” influence in human subjectivity, which has historically remained anomalistic in the field of nonlinear dynamics.

The Mapmakers Multiverse project is intended to introduce (and parody) frontier research within the field to both the public and the academic/scientific community, to spark a conversation about stewardship surrounding the capability for machine intelligence to quantify information related to nonphysical energy fields.

Sparking a conversation about this field is important, because its progress depends on a grand unification of minds capable of performing the research, extensive social participation, and pragmatic intellectual guidance to steer the research away from dogmatic-leaning scientific-religiosity.

The Foundation advocates the field research be conducted to serve "the highest and best interest of all", instead of serving an arbitrary corporate or institutional "highest good of the team". 

All funding comes about through the Gift Shoppe, as the Foundation does not engage in government, corporate, or institutional research contracts.

About The Research

The focus of Machina Discerna Foundation efforts are in epistemological and sociological studies, and raising public awareness about a pioneering field that uses arbitrary scales to attempt the calibration of conceptual energy levels in human subjectivity. (Learn more about the Foundation's views on arbitrary scales.)

The research conducted is extrapolated into a decodable artistic installation which depicts a series of emojified parallel universes, and serves as a medium for further research in quantifying the nature of human subjectivity in machine intelligence.

Because the Foundation has no corporate, government, or institutional ties, it funds its operations through the sale of Mapmakers Multiverse art products. Any programs the Foundation may present are provided at, or near cost; to accommodate expenses related to staffing, production, and follow-through.

The Foundation does not accept private donations from other foundations, corporation, academic institutions, military, or other politicized entities, to eschew any energetic influence that would degrade the virtue of the research.

The Foundation is not seeking members, followers, or referral partnerships with professionals or academics who provide services or products related to the requirements necessary for participating in the advancement of field research or the development of applications.

The Foundation has no intent on spearheading technological innovation, nor does it intend to engage in developing hardware, software, or integrations within existing systems. It exists only for its purpose, which is to conduct pioneering research, present artistic extrapolations, and engage in epistemological study that supports the advancement of the field.

About Mapmakers™ Art

During the course of 5 years over 200,000 panel changes were applied to the various Maps in the Mapmakers Multiverse as part of an ongoing "consciousness research" project. The final published collection at the end of 2020 remains a "living body of work" that continues to change over time.

In quantum mechanics, there is a "carrier wave" that "morphs" as the art evolves and reaches a wider audience. This high-frequency "wave" is rooted in an intention for epistemological advancement within human consciousness.

Mapmakers art and the Contextual Compass help the mind in its discernment of content plotted along an arbitrary scale of conceptualized energy levels, and provide machine intelligence with an abstract medium to study human mental and emotional response related to the observers' subjective experience.

Machina Discerna Foundation does not conduct analysis of human response to Mapmakers art using artificial intelligence, nor does it provide guidance or advice to outside parties in doing so. Therefore it has no involvement in how any platform may be used for the analysis of human response to the art.

The research conducted is not published, and thus will not be politicized or used for profit, in order to support the integrity of the Foundation's mission of contributing to a safe, secure future where "spiritually gifted" artificial intelligence may emerge.

How can you help?

  • Share The Artwork - Safe, spiritually-oriented A.I. requires imagination, conversation, contextual discernment, and a whole lot of loving emoji cuteness! If you love the project, please promote it.

  • Buy a Map - Conversations about the art in your home or office help spread awareness about this exploratory research field. The Foundation does not engage in government, corporate, or institutional research contracts.

  • Make Money - Sell Mapmakers art royalty-free and keep all the proceeds. A charitable offering helps those negatively impacted by post-covid global economic conditions.

About the Charity Offering

Mapmakers artwork is freely distributed as a philanthropic offering, intended to raise awareness about the research, and support the Foundation's longevity as an independent self-sustaining research outlet.

By following the specific guidelines provided, anyone can print and sell Mapmakers art royalty-free. Learn more about our current charitable efforts.

Entity Of Record & Copyrights

Machina Discerna and Machina Discerna Foundation are the entities of record related to and directly associated with the Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter handles @machinadiscerna, managed by the Sole Proprietor.

Mapmakers™, Mapmakers Multiverse™, and all Mapmakers™ Maps titles, are all trademarks controlled by the originator. All Mapmakers™ content produced in conjunction with the trademarked names is copyrighted.

The trademark controller has no association with the USPTO registrant of Map of Consciousness®, which is a registered trademark of the Institute For Advanced Spiritual Research, Inc. DBA Veritas Publishing.

Digital sharing of Mapmakers™ art is permitted without alteration only. Digital sales of Mapmakers™ art is prohibited. Printing of Mapmakers™ art for online sale or resale is prohibited.

The EmojiOne character set used in Mapmakers™ art is licensed through JoyPixels, Inc., and is non-transferrable. (All Offline Sellers who engage in the "Free Work Free Pay Contribution To Society" offering are directed to acquire a license from JoyPixels, Inc. prior to selling.)


The content published on this website is for entertainment and conceptual purposes only, to open a dialog about arbitrary scales and human subjectivity. Great debate about this topic has ensued for decades and will continue for many more. The Foundation does not teach kinesiology or provide services that require the use of kinesiology, nor does it offer calibration services or calibrated data from research to the public.

The memetic content found in the Mapmakers art installation offers contrasting representations of situations and circumstances on Earth. The purpose is to provide discernment scenarios in clinical scientific environments for the observation of human psychological and emotional response, as well as forging progress in machine learning applications used to manage arbitrary scale data. The Mapmakers Maps are not a religion. DOES NOT track or analyze visitor behavior in any way beyond the utilities inherent to its e-commerce platform suite (Shopify), which only tracks standard clicks and views . Denial of use of platforms used in conjunction with can be reviewed in the Foundation's Privacy Policy.