Cyberterrorists defeated in 12 sectors! 5/31/2024 NOT A PLANE!


  • 2024 Population Report - Includes: White-paper-op-ed “Homo Spiritus at Noonday & The Ideal Population Stabilization”, Population Stabilization Chart, and FAQ, "Disclosure. Integrity. Payments." supplement

  • Evidence The Origin - How To Tell The Difference Between Human And Machine Intelligence When Science And Technology Cannot - Download Free Intro (PDF)

  • The Contextual Compass PDF - The Contextual Compass PDF includes the entire 11-part Contextual Compass, 13 Mapmakers Maps, and an Appendix complete with essays.

  • About Arbitrary Scales - Learn about the nature of arbitrary scales and how attempts are being made to bridge the digital domain of computing with the nonlinear domain of human subjectivity.

  • History of The Mapmakers Multiverse - Discover the origins and evolution of the Mapmakers Multiverse, and how it is being used in conjunction with the Contextual Compass.

  • Utility of a Decoding Tool - Understand the unfolding paradigm of epistemological challenges with artificial intelligence, the importance of contextualized meaning, and the potential for solutions using arbitrary scales.

  • Virtue of Scientific Parody - How the arts are being used enable public awareness of discoveries uncovered through this exploratory field.

  • The Problematic Hermeneutics of Relativistic Epistemology In Machine Intelligence (Coming Soon)