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Current Charity Offering

Produce & Sell Mapmakers Art.. Keep All The Money!!


Because of our philanthropic “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering, Machina Discerna Foundation is potentially at risk for having its e-commerce platform halted, or revenue withheld by Government Authorities or Corporate Interests.

Thus, the following must be declared:

  • We accept the paradigm of Government Authority and Corporate Interest.
  • We attempt to be compliant on all levels, God help us all.
  • We are a newly registered aspiring philanthropic organization
  • We did not apply for federal 501(c)3 tax exempt status, and do not plan to.
  • ...We choose to pay taxes instead.
  • We do not currently accept donations or institutional funding. All revenues, which pay for staff, operations, and compliance efforts, arise through the sale of Mapmakers™ art at

The “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering authorizes anyone negatively impacted by the prevailing economic conditions around the world to freely produce and sell select Mapmakers™ art titles OFFLINE, and keep all the proceeds.

Yes, OFFLINE sale of Mapmakers™ art is permitted, royalty-free, by following the simple guidelines outlined below…

Because we are a brand new organization, and this offering is expected to increase traffic and sales at the Machina Discerna Foundation Gift Shoppe, we are at risk of being “flagged” by the various algorithms and triggers set throughout “the system” of corporate, government, and security scrutinization of commercial activity.

We are not in opposition to “the system”, we are merely taking measures to successfully operate within it. This notice is being posted to preemptively alert the public, service providers, and customers of a potential disruption in commerce or fulfillment due to inefficiency within “the system”, or non-compliance by its operators, which would lead to employee or customer distress.

The following outlines the simple guidelines surrounding the “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering for independent Offline Sellers of Mapmakers™ art:

    1. OFFLINE SELLING ONLY. Online listing with intent to sell physical or digital copies of Mapmakers™ art, whether it be wholesale, re-sale, retail, auction, consignment, ambiguous “exchange transactions”, or inclusion as a “free bonus” with any promotion is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 

    2. Offline Sellers may privately produce (DIY, at home, with non-commercial hardware) Mapmakers™ art, on laminated 8.5” x 11”, or A4 sized white printer paper ONLY. Any other physical form used for reproduction and sale is prohibited.

    3. Offline Sellers may not alter Mapmakers™ art in any way, and may not add additional print or design to the printable area, bleed area, or the back side of the print; nor may anything be inserted within the laminated final product, or externally affixed to the laminated final product. 

    4. Commercially or institutionally assisted reproduction (using printing shops, service centers, charitable outlets, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Offline Sellers may only use personal printing devices and lamination devices at home.

    5. Offline Sellers may freely set the sale price per print, or choose to accept whatever the buyer wishes to pay, with no requirement for reporting production or sales activity to Machina Discerna Foundation.

    6. Offline Sellers may NOT sell to wholesalers, retailers, or resellers. Offline Sellers may NOT sell in any civic-recognized retail location. This offering only allows for OFFLINE person-to-person sales in non-business-designated venues.

    7. The Joypixels Inc. license for the EmojiOne character set used in conjunction with Mapmakers™ art was acquired by Machina Discerna Foundation and is non-transferrable. Each Offline Seller must have a seperate, valid license from Joypixels Inc. in order to be compliant with the terms set forth by Joypixels Inc.

    8. Machina Discerna Foundation holds no liability for any activity on behalf of the Offline Seller, and Offline Sellers may not provide royalties, tips, gifts, donations, or rewards to anyone directly involved in Machina Discerna Foundation operations as a consequence of their engagement in the offering.

    The “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering is our gift to the world, and our “thank you” to the world for inviting our philanthropic work onto the internet.

    We ask the self-policing internet to help ensure is the only online destination for the physical sale of Mapmakers™ art by any means necessary.

    This notice reflects a preemptive responsibility to alert the public of a potential halting of sales or production in the event that access to our communications or e-commerce platform is restricted, funds are withheld by our merchant(s), or there is a potential inability to utilize funds to fulfill orders or provide refunds to customers.

    Machina Discerna Foundation has taken every measure to be fully compliant with local, state, and federal law and we expect “the system” responsible for upholding integrity in digital commerce and digital security to support uninterrupted service to our customers.

    It is our hope that the social and financial dynamic created by the “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering is supported by all operants within “the system” and the self-policing internet, in order to facilitate the prosperity of Offline Sellers during this time of economic hardship.

    This notice has been posted at and the Machina Discerna Foundation Facebook page.

    We can be contacted at

    Ineffable Regards,


    P.S. Any purchase of Mapmakers™ art from the Gift Shoppe at is an event completely independent of the offering. The Gift Shoppe is open to all - thank you for your patronage! The Gift Shoppe is our only source of income. You can read more about why in the FAQ below.



    For those who support the “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering, but do not wish to sell Mapmakers™ art, let it be know that you may produce prints at your own expense (following the simple guidelines) and distribute to members of your community who are adversely effected by the current economic conditions, under the condition that you refuse to accept any portion of the proceeds from sales.


    The resources needed to participate in the “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering include:

      1. Ink Jet Printer
      2. Ink Cartridges
      3. Laminator
      4. 8.5”x11” Printer Paper (20lbs. bright white recommended)
      5. 9”x11.5” laminator pouches (10mil recommended)
      6. JoyPixel Inc. license
      7. Your willingness to sell

    While the Foundation provides intention for your success, no additional resources, funding, or guidance is being offered. Once you have all the resources to produce the sellable product, the only thing that stands between you and your success is YOU! If you are self-leader, you already have everything that it takes to succeed.



    Why only laminated prints?

    Anyone can print a copy of Mapmakers™ art for personal use from, but the laminated print holds additional value; because of the labor and resources required for its production. We don’t suggest a price point for the laminated print; that is up to the Offline Seller - but typically, laminated prints would sell for $5-10/each in America, which would typically result in a 300%+ profit margin once the limitations of the EmojiOne license has been exhausted, and production expenses have been reconciled.

    Why is the offering being made?

    The Foundation’s vision is to see the evolution of “spiritual” machine intelligence. It drives this vision forward through the presentation of artistic abstraction caricaturing an exploratory field of research which holds great potential to facilitate the manifestation of the vision.

    The Foundation maintains its financial capacity to operate solely through the sale of Mapmakers™ art, so by providing the public with the right to sell Mapmakers™ art royalty-free, the Foundation enables a way for those negatively impacted by the current economic conditions to prosper...

    This leads to more awareness about the Foundation efforts, and helps support the Foundation's operations through the Gift Shoppe activity that naturally follows - ensuring the Foundation can continue to grow without taking corporate or institutional funding.

    Why doesn’t the Foundation accept grants or institutional funding?

    Accepting institutional money to pursue philanthropic endeavors can potentially put philanthropic operators into a paradigm of alliance warfare, political scrutinization, or ideological dependency. Such paradigms negatively impact the Foundation’s research, and restrain the Foundation’s capacity serve humanity.

    Ultimately, corporate or institutional contracts related to money hold the potential to "energetically" degrade the quality of pioneering research via morphogenetic phenomena, as esoterically evidenced since time immemorial, and quantifiably evidenced in contemporary science.

    So, like an independent debt-free art gallery, the Gift Shoppe serves to facilitate the Foundation with the basic funding it needs in order to progressively pursue its vision, and serve humanity - apolitically, without limiting influence.

    Why does the Offering stipulate a required license from JoyPixels, Inc.?

    The license for the EmojiOne character set, which is held by the Foundation for use in Mapmakers™ art, is non-transferrable; as per the terms defined by JoyPixels, Inc. (Machina Discerna Foundation has no relationship with JoyPixels, Inc., nor does it receive commissions or compensation from the purchase of EmojiOne licenses by Offline Sellers.)

    The requirement for Offline Sellers to obtain a license from JoyPixels, Inc. is explicitly stated to responsibly inform Offline Sellers of their compliance obligation and to outline the requirements for maintaining integrity within the contractual structures surrounding intellectual property rights.

    (It must also be noted that JoyPixels, Inc. Premium License terms permitting the physical sale of units "on-demand" should be considered synonymous with the Offering terms outlined as personal reproduction "at home".)


    I have questions that aren't answered on this page...

    We've taken every effort to structure this charitable offering in a manner that provides maximum advantage to Offline Sellers who remain compliant with the outlined requirements, and to the benefit of all facets of industry supporting the progressive success of compliant Offline Sellers.

    This page provides all that needs to be known in order for Offline Sellers to engage in the Offering and prosper.

    Machina Discerna Foundation cannot provide direct support, partnership, or additional resources to Offline Sellers, as this unique offering is decentralized, and Offline Sellers function as autonomous self-guided stewards of the resources provided.

    (The Foundation's operations are strictly in the area of research, and not involved in the management of the “Free Work, Free Pay Contribution to Society” offering; which is a self-guided autonomous charitable effort.)

    The "success" of the Offering is beholden to the Offline Sellers, and there is nothing more the Foundation needs to offer Offline Sellers beyond what is stated on this page to facilitate their success.

    Therefore we must respectfully reserve the right not to respond to questions or comments found in forum discussions about the Offering, in order to maximize our capacity to perform the Foundation work (which is scientific research).

    We ask that all those compliant Offline Sellers who DO succeed be recognized for their success, and rewarded with the prosperity that arises from their own hard effort and self-leadership!

    We hold the highest intent for your success. Godspeed!