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Explore The Mapmakers Multiverse!!

Mapmakers Multiverse

The Mapmakers art installation is used by machine intelligence for exploratory research about conceptual energy levels in human subjectivity.

The Maps caricature a series of emojified parallel universes, where viewers review didactic narratives plotted along a conceptual gradient of energy.

Explore the Maps and the Contextual Compass to become immersed in this exploratory field of research.

How To Explore The Maps (IMPORTANT!)

  • Follow Step #1 & Step #2 displayed AT THE BOTTOM of each Map.

    The 12 Mapmakers Maps!

    • Map of Congressness - One emjofied universe under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! Explore the political paradigm inside the Mapmakers Multiverse!

    • Map of Californianess - Take a ride in the parallel emojified universe of sunny beaches, beautiful mountains, and totally tumultuous pitfalls!

    • Map of Crunkshusness - The Unity Maps originated in 2016 during an exploratory project extrapolating research about the oneness of consciousness... And the Mapmakers Multiverse was born!

    • Map of Countryness - Unity is the default law of the Mapmakers Multiverse, from universe to universe to universe! Explore high energy country living... in unity with all of life!

    • Map of Corporateness - Discover how the Emoji Souls raise their NRG Level to fearlessly overcome the pitfalls of "the system" - to create everything they need in abundance!

    • Map of Collegeness - Emoji Souls experience the strikes and gutters of college life as they push the boundaries of freedom, and carve a pathway to the career of their dreams!

    • Map of Cheekyness - Traverse the age old hierarchical social structure, as Emoji Souls transcend cultural apathy and find peace and security - despite the bullocks!

    • Map of Caribbeaness - Grab your snorkel and play with the Emoji Souls as they enjoy good cheer, amazing culture, and sunsets to remember... As long as they stay positive!

    • Map of Comnetorgness - Have a blast watching Emoji Souls use the power of the internet to boost their productivity and freedom, and bring positive energy to help raise the power of the collective!

    • Map of Culinaryness - Fueled by the sun, grown to perfection, and consumed with joy! Emoji Souls use discernment and positive choices to stay healthy and vibrant!

    • Map of Contagioness - Great waves of fear and anxiety wash away as higher intelligence and patience lead the Emoji Souls in this parallel universe to confidence in the future of their health!

    • Map of Commanderness - On your feet Emoji Soul-diers! You’re needed at 0:740 to uphold integrity in the highest, and eliminate the enemy using power, courage, and valor!

    Additional Resources

    Each parallel universe in the Mapmakers Multiverse is presented as pure artistic abstraction, without prejudice, judgement, or negative views toward the circumstances we observe here on earth.

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