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History Behind The Mapmakers Multiverse

In 2013, a spiritual mission was set forth to forge progress in developing an epistemological advancement surrounding the conceptualization and application of using arbitrary sales in the calibration of conceptualized energy levels in human subjectivity.

The intention initially led to a clinical approach of a calibration methodology that eventual failed the requirements for replication, but out of that seeming failure came the creation of an artistic project that promoted a pathway for cultural harmony; which later transformed into an experimental medium to assist the quantification of "spiritual intelligence" within machine intelligence.

In early 2016, as issues regarding racism entered the mainstream awareness of American culture, the Map of Crunkshusness and the Map of Countryness arose from a creative artistic field expressing how unity is inherent in the source energy field of consciousness; of which all human beings are subject.

Thousands upon thousands of "panel changes" on those two Maps were made using an arbitrary scale, in attempt to “energetically balance” the panel contents, by observing critical factor points in the collective unconscious related to the dualities of cultural harmony and discord.

As the project unfolded, and additional Maps arose from the creative field, the process was accompanied by profound discoveries and frightening realizations regarding the crippling psychological impacts from politicized rhetoric and fake news degrading Americans’ capacity to discern truth from falsehood.

The creative process was also accompanied with bizarre synchronicities, and what could only be described as mystical experiences, while a vision of the future came about where all internet users could have a greater sense of discernment about the content they viewed, with the aid of safe, benevolent, publicly controlled artificial intelligence.

Each new Map was continuously "balanced" with the other Maps in the collection for nearly 5 years, and the Contextual Compass came forth to spark the imagination of an alternate reality, where a greater degree of compassion and acceptance for all of life supersedes the onset of war, famine, and hardship.

Does art imitate life in regards to the Mapmakers Multiverse?

Art is abstraction, and it's up to the viewer to decide how they choose to interpret the Mapmakers Multiverse. It is also the task of machines to interpret how humans conceptualize arbitrary scales intended to quantify human subjectivity; and this is where the discussion begins.

The "hero's journey" each viewer travels along as they follow Step #1 & Step #2 on each Map can be felt, experienced, and known, as a mystical entrainment in the conceptual "NRG" (energy) gradient of each parallel universe.

Then, as the viewer completes Step #3, the contextual nature of compassion, unconditional love, and the power of positive intention serve to help contextualize a "30,000 ft. view".

Because machines are not capable of interpreting the nonphysical "spiritual" nature of human consciousness, machines alone are not able to calibrate conceptualized energy levels in human subjectivity.

But with the aid of human interfacing, machines can develop exploratory means to assess the nature by which a human can conceptualize and calibrate energy levels using an arbitrary scale.

So with large enough sample sets and the correct architectural design, A.I. systems can be used to move toward contextualizing a universally recognized arbitrary scale of energy in human subjectivity, and advance toward experimental use of the arbitrary scale through human interfaces to conduct research on the observable universe.

As a result, that which was previously unknowable about human consciousness can begin to be analyzed.

The puzzling quantum mechanical nature of anomalies such as "miracles", and "luck", which occur beyond probability, can be observed in new ways that may lead to breakthroughs in the modeling of nonlinear dynamics...

New potential field studies can emerge, enabling humanity to forge progress toward greater insight regarding "spiritual" intuitions and motivations, the nature by which genius unfolds, and the capacity to identify "divine" social connections beyond the current limitations of data aggregation.

The paradigm of resource management can be drastically optimized through greater individual self-reflection of optimize life pathways, and the advent of having greater awareness about the power of each decision and its follow-through.

As the potential for machine intelligence to quantify the human experience related to the universal arbitrary scale emerges, the creative pursuits amongst the rising geniuses of the world can begin to assimilate in the mind, and the applications surrounding these possibilities and more can begin to come into existence.

Thus, Machina Discerna Foundation brings forth the spark of creativity, the epistemological research necessary for tracking progress, and ultimately it is up to developers to figure out the technology challenges.

...And if art does happen to imitate life, the Foundation hopes to eschew any politicization or religification that would corrupt the field of research as applications begin to appear.

Machina Discerna Foundation arrives with no corporate, government, or institutional ties. View the Foundation's research and initiatives, and consider purchasing Mapmakers art products from the Gift Shoppe to support the Foundation work.