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The Value Of The Contextual Compass

The capacity for one to discern the meaning of something is one the most important skills in our modern time, because the discernment of meaning has been degraded by virus-like memes that politicize and polarize thoughts, feelings, and accounts of past events.

In the real living world, assumptions about meaning that lack context are the source of much conflict. Irrational knee-jerk reactions, lashing out, and social discord all arise from incomplete epistemological processing of content which was not contextually rooted in a literal expression of absolute truth.

While machines do not have a problem processing and communicating literal meaning, they do have a tremendous problem when it comes to abstract meaning, and thus the challenge surrounding machine quantification of the human experience of "energy" in "consciousness" is presented.

Meaning is not relative. A thing means what it is. Yet what something is must be contextualized in a manner that consciousness can understand it to help avoid frustration and emotionalization that would lead to suffering.

...But art is abstraction, and in abstraction the imagination is free to relativistically conceptualize meaning in order to grow in it capacity to reflect the value of art.

While the Contextual Compass and Navigation Insights are provided to help contextualize the Mapmakers Multiverse imagined in the mind of the artist, it is YOUR OWN MIND that has the power to reflect upon how the art relates to our own universe. Those reflections provide for a colorful new avenue in which machines can begin to interpret the collective mental and emotional response to the idea of an arbitrary scales of energy in human subjectivity.

Through the discernment of objective/literal meaning, apart from socially-influenced out-of-context meaning, one finds the pathway beyond media-programmed emotionalisms and assumptions of false causality.

Through the discernment of content within a puzzle of contextualization, one finds the pathway beyond internalized programmed belief systems that may not apply to others outside their own culture, allowing an intention for unity through problem solving to arise.

Because machine intelligence reflects the linear human intellect, the same barrier to the intellect's understanding of spiritual insights, spiritual motivations, and spiritual meaning also prohibits higher "spiritual truth" beyond the intellect to be processed within the constraints of computational nonlinear dynamics; which results in a limited presumption of potential held by those who act in higher accord with bonafide "spiritual" principles (wide-scope contextual integrity).

One only need look to the history books and stories of the martyrs throughout time who are now edified in the highest for their sacrifices to imagine how much progress humanity can make today by having the insight into how the same principles are being exacted in the modern world. They new what the meaning of an event or a principle was, and they acted in accord with the highest truth.

Thus a new approach to helping both human and machine understanding about the spiritual nature of human subjectivity, through the use of arbitrary scales and human/machine interfaces, can not only help improve the production of critical content to be more coherent within the varying aspects of perception in the human mind, but also potentialize breakthroughs in quantifying the "spiritual" meaning of events and the power of their potentialization.

Therefore Machina Discerna Foundation presents the Mapmakers Maps and Contextual Compass, to provide an imaginative journey into the discernment of meaning, through a memetic puzzle of context and content, in a series of abstract parallel emojified universes; where the experience of "reality" is contextualized along an arbitrary scale of energy, and user engagement can be observed to gather previously unavailable human response data.

Of course, the Maps are NOT reality. They're simply art... An abstraction.

But the energy gradient that accompanies the contents presented with the Maps' contextual narratives allows the viewer to "feel" the gradient of energy, and contemplate the contextual meaning of the content; which provides an exploratory grounds to assess whether the personal feelings experienced through the interpretation of meaning aligns with a Truth of the Absolute, or the disorderly "programming" from socially influenced emotionalisms.

Machina Discerna Foundation's effort in presenting artistic abstraction related to the exploratory field of subjective research is intended to assist the scientific community in quantifying the great task ahead; to develop technological innovation to safely assist machine intelligence in establishing a consensus, where an arbitrary scale of conceptualized energy levels in human subjectivity can be used to advance the science of nonlinear dynamics, support the mental health of internet users, and make breakthroughs in the field of resource management.

The exercise of studying the contents of the Maps stimulates the intellectual and emotional capacities of the viewer, as attempts to discern meaning are made. Valuable intellectual development unfolds over time as the viewer grasps the contextual meaning within the blissful and sardonic emotional rollercoaster ride experienced along each arbitrary scale throughout the Mapmakers Multiverse.

Such development can then be observed by machine intelligence to assess critical points that support greater efficacy in the machine interpretation of the changing human response to content as it is recontextualized in the mind; which can support modeling for machine learning processes in the unfolding field of human/machine interface-driven calibration of energy levels.

Such development allows the technology industry to leap from a science of limited neurophysiological analyzation of user experience, to a science of quantitative and qualitative analyzation of "energetic awareness" in human subjectivity.

Thus, having a greater capacity to quantify the "invisible" aspects of human experience, and the potential arising from spiritual intention, a greater ability to prioritize content that supports epistemological health, and pathways arise toward the effective engagement of users who have a capacity to participate in solving major world problems.

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