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The Virtue Of Scientific Parody

To caricature reflections of the absurdity we all witness in our real living world, each Map cheerfully depicts the positive energy, and often sardonically depicts the negative energy, observed throughout the situations, circumstances, and events displayed within the emojified parallel multiverse.

In the coming years, as scientific data related to how machine intelligence attempts to identify graduated energy levels in human subjectivity that accurately represent what we witness in the real world, a great self-reflection in human awareness is inevitable.

Both human and machine “judgment” will be put to the test, where humans will be challenged to come to terms with the truth of what they are shown in the “mirror” of a scientific discovery, and machines will be challenged to serve humanity to reduce human suffering in the wake a great human self-realization.

The virtue of the Maps, in helping brighten the journey surrounding this colossal leap in human self-reflection, is their invitation to counter the absurd, the despicable, the grotesque, and the morose… with L.O.V.E.

One of the great avenues toward achieving this, evidenced since the time of Shakespeare, is sardonic wit.

There is a difference between sarcasm and sardonicism. 

While sarcastic remarks carry a negative energy, and are typically used to project negative energy onto things (or people), sardonic humor jokingly expresses the absurdity of what one would otherwise consider to be grim.

Many comedians uplift mass audiences, not just by being clever and ironic, but by demonstrating the courage to humorously caricature something that’s undeniably negative, scary, or downright deplorable.

Without the ability to “roll one’s eyes” and let out an “Oh Gawd!” about the negative aspects of the world we live in, humanity would be perpetually depressed, and have no courage or hope.

In fact, it is the “juice” we get out of being angry and disgusted that brings about the downside of the human experience, and in order for us to be steadfast and not get too rattled, the unconditional love we hold in the face of the presence of what is truly negative sometimes needs to come out in the form of a poo emoji.

Sardonic “love” frees the mind to be able to overcome emotionality about some of the most tragic conditions we find in the world that, frankly, may never change. This leads to an acceptance of what something IS, a mature position to avoid it (if possible), and a compartmentalization of its proximity in life; so as to open up a pathway toward greater care in finding a solution; transmuting poo emoji's into hearts.

When approaching the grim facets of our world, sardonic wit can better enable those affected by cultural divides relate together in a more harmonious, coherent capacity (to come together, have a heart-centered laugh, and remember that progress requires strength and humility, not emotional suffering).

And if everyone can first find the courage to laugh at themselves for their own ridiculous human-ness, to identify their personal negative energy and let go of it, they’ll naturally hold the self-worth and high-frequency energetic resolve that leads to empowering others.

As this exploratory field of research inevitably unfolds within soaring human-interfaced machine intelligence, the potential for great political and ideological wars surrounding an “energy economy in consciousness” can be averted.

It’s the hope of the Foundation that these sardonic artistic fantasy parallels of our real living world help bring hope and light into the minds of all those who become aware of the pending challenges that will unfold as the research field matures.

…And as stewards of the future world of integrity between mankind and machine,  we hope those who take action to ensure scientific integrity in the interim have the courage to know when someone deserves a poo emoji for mistakenly choosing what "sounded like a good idea at the time", and the time to fix it.