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Contextual Compass - Part 1

The Contextual Landscape Within The Maps Explained

  • Each Map contains an emojified parallel universe of positive and negative energy. There is a GOLD LINE (the bifurcation line) in the middle of each Map, which separates the 2 dimensions of positive and negative energy.
    • Above the Gold Line, the positive energy is naturally uplifting... 
    • Below the Gold Line, the negative energy is draining.
  • On each Map there are 17 horizontal rows. Each row has a numeric energy value shown on the right-side column. 
  • Within each row, there are 6 content panels. The 6 six content panels display a contextual narrative for each energy level in each row.
  • (The contextual narratives are mostly ridiculous, some of them are scary, and some of them are downright hard to handle. Others make us mad, and others make us wonder. Like a good movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, reviewing the Maps should bring up a range of emotions.)
  • In the Mapmakers Multiverse, when an Emoji Soul falls into the darkness, they can always choose The Light. When they choose The Light they begin to rise back into the higher energy levels. (Emoji Souls' decisions influence how they rise and fall along the energy levels.)
  • By following Step #1 and Step #2 at the bottom of each Map, the viewer takes a “hero’s journey” down into the darkness, then back up into The Light - where potentiality changes the whole world!!
  • The following Contextual Compass passages help the human mind contextualize the energy levels of the "spiritual" realm within each Mapmakers Universe...

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