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Contextual Compass - Part 2

The Cultural Contexts Within The Multiverse Extrapolated

Each Mapmakers Universe in the Multiverse caricatures a certain culture, and although each culture may differ, all cultures are ONE - in spirit - along the same energy gradient.

The energy gradient cannot be changed. 

The culture cannot be changed…

But the emoji souls can travel along the gradient, within the culture that surrounds them, to any energy level they want!

The fundamental decision a soul can make, at any time, so they can rise out of the lower NRG Levels, is to simply “Choose The Light”.

By making a decision to “Choose The Light”, a soul can then begin to “Live Life Like A Prayer”.

The act of “Living Life Like A Prayer" is experienced in different ways along each energy level...

At the higher energy levels, living life like a prayer could be experienced as, “Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!”

…And at the lower NRG Levels, living life like a prayer could be experienced as, “God Please Help! God Please Help!! Gaaahhhhh!!!!!”

Emoji souls can live their lives like a prayer at any energy level along the gradient, at any time (as long as they choose The Light).

(Luckily, there are many, many high-energy Emoji Souls who make it their life's work to help lift up all the other Emoji Souls who fell into the lower levels.)

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