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Contextual Compass - Part 3

Living Life Like A Prayer Interpreted

Are the Emoji Souls who are "Living Life Like A Prayer" at the higher energy levels free from being aware of the reality at the lower energy levels?


In fact, as a soul travels to higher and higher energy levels, they gather great vision about how to help...

As they try to help, they learn more and more about what they're capable of.

So when an Emoji Soul is “living life like a prayer”, every attempt to help the other Emoji Souls provides valuable knowledge about what they can do!

The emoji souls that master the “art of discernment” bring about GREAT positive change, and help the entire Multiverse unite as one!

Does “living life like a prayer” mean having a religion?

Not necessarily.

Religions exist in some cultures within the Mapmakers Multiverse, and some souls choose to interpret the teachings of the religions, but living life like a prayer is ultimately non-religious.

Prayer is a personal, benevolent reflection of the Love of God; whatever God means to that soul.

In the Mapmakers Multiverse, God is happy if a soul chooses to study a religion… And God is happy when a soul chooses not study a religion. 

…As long as the soul decides to Choose The Light, God brings The Light!

Living Life Like A Prayer means a soul is actively Choosing The Light in perpetual motion.

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