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Contextual Compass - Part 8

Peace, Joy, Happiness, and L.O.V.E Prevail!

As new souls enter each emojified parallel universe, they are subject to endless potentiality.

They find their way, exploring philosophy, religion, and perennial knowledge, in attempt to learn how to get to the highest energy levels; so they can embody their full potential!

But the more they study these different avenues for advancement, the paradoxical conundrums of their world begin to mount.

Sometimes they want to help the other Emoji Souls so badly they study and study and study, only to reach a point where it seems like all hope is lost.

…Like ships lost out at sea, they become subject to the winds of the world, blowing them hither and thither; with no direction home.

Great pain and sorrow come about, despair sets in, and it seems like the apocalyptic visions from the lower energy levels are the only reality left to experience…

But suddenly, as if by magic, a MAP and COMPASS appear!

The map helps them remember the joy of life that’s ALWAYS available in The Light, and motivates them to plot a course back to shore.

And in one magical moment, a great spiritual realization comes about…

The map was ultimately unnecessary to help them get back! 

The "map" and "compass" were already with them all along!

The fundamental truth that always saves an Emoji Soul is always found within… It shines throughout the emojified multiverse as these two axioms…

1) Choose The Light, and

2) Live Life Like A Prayer!

By knowing this, the Emoji Soul’s course is always set to L.O.V.E.

And with the course permanently set to L.O.V.E., each Emoji Soul suddenly realizes… 

They’re already home.

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