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Contextual Compass - Part 7

Strife, Apocalyptic End Times, and Dystopia Averted

God designed the emojified universes to continue on in perpetuity, for the sake of the evolution of the Emoji Soul collectives.

The energy level gradient never changes, it never goes away. It’s always there.

While some souls fall down to the lower energy levels on the gradient, they might see the end of the world coming, but the souls at the higher energy levels know the visions of a dystopian future are just an illusion.

Even in the turbulence of a dystopian illusion, those high energy Emoji Souls are working in joy to help the fearful souls find their way into The Light.

Since God designed the emojified universes to continue on in perpetuity, there are continuous streams of new souls that flow into the evolutionary process...

Therefore, all the energy levels along the gradient are necessary, because they give the souls a pathway to evolve. (Without evolution, the souls would stagnate.)

Most Emoji Souls don’t know about the energy gradient, and can only see the energy level they live in…

But when an Emoji Soul discovers there are higher and higher energy levels they can rise toward by choosing The Light, a great joy and relief flows in!

An excitement for life ignites! And helping others becomes the highest priority!

All the energy levels will always exist, and all the souls will always travel along the gradient, but as more and more souls rise along the higher energy levels, the overall energy level of the emoji collective rises!

And as the overall energy level of the collective emoji consciousness rises, the CONTENT they experience at each energy level improves!

(Just as the ocean level rises, all the ships at sea rise in concordance.)

With acceptance, harmony, and compassion, Emoji Souls find peace in each of their Universes, and over time, they figure out how to help the new Emoji Souls who are learning to travel along the gradient at lightening speed - up to the highest levels possible!

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