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Navigation Insights - Part 1

The Bifurcation Line And Emoji Soul Steering

The bifurcation line in each emojified universe is set.

The line is contextually universal, multiversal, and quantum.

But the content of an emoji soul’s experience above and below the line may differ from universe to universe, as the content streams forth through the soul’s eye beam. 

When an emoji soul falls below the bifurcation line, a universal process begins to unfold; to warn them of the grave danger they face if they continue to fall.

    1. First, pride, which “cometh before the fall”, is objectively observed. 
    1. Second, a casual warning is conveyed regarding a certain behavior. 
    1. Third, a more resound warning is conveyed; perhaps along with a consequence. 
    1. Fourth, a refusal to remain complicit with the fall is made. 
    1. And fifth, out of unconditional love, an appropriate release of personal complicity with the behavior in question is finalized.

The biggest discernment challenge for an emoji soul is to know where the bifurcation line is set; to decide on “who to listen to”, and gauge the integrity of their decisions, so they stay in The Light.

Sadly, some emoji souls are unjustly scorned by other emoji souls who don’t know where the bifurcation line rests. The can become subject to undue tyrannical, fascist judgmentalism when they have done nothing wrong - or worse. 

But when that happens, great movements toward justice eventually unfold, where the emoji tyrants experience the counterforce of their ignorance - and they retreat!

Then, the innocent emoji souls who were persecuted become recognized by all the emoji souls in the universe! 

Great celebrations of their courage erupt, and they rise to higher and higher energy levels, where they can help many, many more emoji souls than ever before!

Not only does an emoji soul need to know where the bifurcation line is to remain in The Light, but also know where others are along the bifurcation line to help them stay out of the darkness. Both require great discernment. 

That’s why the wisest emoji souls ask lots of questions, and try not to assume too much without sufficient evidence.

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