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Navigation Insights - Part 2

Evolution Of Emoji Souls, And The Ever-Changing Universe

Whether it’s the courageous business owner who works to deliver value to their community and create jobs, the spiritual devotee who meditates 16 hours a day in the temple, the blue collar laborer who gives an honest day’s work, or the inmate studying in the library, every Emoji Soul who chooses The Light is swept forward in the stream of emoji evolution.

Luckily, it only takes a mere moment to choose The Light!

As one chooses The Light, and chooses to abandon all that which is not of The Light, the presence of The Light shines forth!

And in The Light, each Emoji Soul can rise to a higher energy level.

…But sometimes the erroneous decisions of the past must be “undone” before an Emoji Soul can sufficiently move on.

That’s why forgiveness, acceptance, compassion and L.O.V.E. are needed, so new decisions can be made, and “the sun can come out after the storm”.

Impatience about the process is a very common trait, but the wisest Emoji Souls who have learned to overcome the tribulations of life are available to help give hope to all the Emoji Souls struggling to live life like a prayer. 

Many Emoji Souls desperately want more energy, to live at a higher energy level, and create a world free from the gravity of the lower energy levels. 

Sometimes they become very frustrated and angry with the universe because it’s not providing what they want.

But then they remember - all they have to do is choose The Light, and a sweeping realization shines forth… 

ALL the energy levels serve their purpose in the Emoji Soul’s evolution, and the high energy of just one single positive decision can change EVERYTHING!

With new decisions that support living life like a prayer, the eye beam can be set to any energy level in The Light. 

And with The Light guiding one forth, the quantum potentiality begins to unfold!

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