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Navigation Insights - Part 3

Emoji Soul Triage and Community Support Systems

In the Mapmakers Multiverse, if an Emoji Soul feels like its in distress, and doesn’t know where to turn, it’s a sign that it needs to change.

Help is always available, even if an Emoji Soul doesn’t have any money!

Social programs, law enforcement programs, educational programs, substance abuse programs, debt relief programs, food bank programs, housing programs, psychological programs, medical programs, and personal development programs all exist in abundance!

Churches, community centers, city halls, clinical centers, libraries, and countless other venues offer help to any Emoji Soul who has a willingness to advance in life.

It simply starts with a decision to take personal responsibility, and a decision to allow others to help! 

Those are the only two requirements to begin advancing when all hope seems to be lost.

There are countless souls throughout the Multiverse whose lives are dedicated to helping Emoji Souls who are adrift… They are willing to be compassionate for every situation, assisting them in any way they can, with the resources they have.

It IS a loving multiverse, but sometimes Emoji Souls need to learn how seek out the love, and allow it into their lives, when it seems like no love can be found. 

Seekers of The Light eventually find out the world of negative energy they perceive is NOT the final truth! (What the universe has to offer them is much greater than what appears.)

This is realized when they give up their frustration and anger, choose The Light, and humbly accept all the help their universe naturally provides.

And wherever the universe needs help, high energy level Emoji Souls hear about it and begin moving into position to help wherever they can!

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