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Contextual Compass - Part 6

Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Moral and Immoral Debated

Every Emoji Soul is born into their universe learning right from wrong, good from bad, and how they're expected to live in a way that pleases the other souls around them.

Then, as they go along their evolutionary journey, they meet new souls who learned about right and wrong from different sources.

Sadly, as they grow older, some Emoji Souls begin to believe that ALL the others should only think the way they do.

That sort of narcissism is released when a soul chooses The Light, and The Light guides them into harmony, acceptance, and compassion for ALL of life.

The souls that reach the highest energy levels along the gradient know that God provides the ENTIRE gradient of energy to ALL the emoji souls, so they can learn to transcend the contradictions, conundrums, and paradoxes they face.

Those who find happiness and L.O.V.E. end up having the greatest amount of energy to help the other souls!

And with the help of their high energy friends, the rising souls end up having greater energy to help the others.

But until an Emoji Soul has the energy to help others, they must first learn how to help themselves, live their lives like a prayer, and avoid falling too deep into the lower energy levels.

Will the debate about morals and ethics ever be complete in the Mapmakers Multiverse?

No way! Debate is an important part of the learning process!

As evolution continues, new challenges arise, and new solutions are discovered…

And as each new generation of Emoji Souls is uplifted by the high energy field of L.O.V.E. they evolve within the Multiverse to create a better place for everyone!

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