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Map of Caribbeaness

Hit The Beach! - Grab your snorkel and play with the emoji souls as they enjoy good cheer, amazing culture, and sunsets to remember... As long as they stay positive and remember we're here to have fun!

From the Spring 2021 Collection V.2021.05.26 (click on image to enlarge)

Map of Caribbeaness Version 20210526

About the Map of Caribbeaness

Advancing from the caricaturing of geographic cultural themes in the preceding two pieces, the 7th piece attempted to express the physical familiarities of a geographic location, while presenting narratives about its transient population.

Just like all the pieces contained within the Mapmakers Multiverse installation, the 7th piece required over 1200 calibrations and 6000 panel changes to respectfully present the contextual narratives in a way that still respected the cultural pride of the locals.

While the didactic themes and comparative elements of each caricature throughout the collection had taken on a fun, synchronistic, puzzle-like quality, there was sense a minimum of 10 pieces would be necessary to give the Multiverse an exploratory depth required for it to serve as an immersive educational gallery experience.

Mapmakers Art Installation

Instructions - Map of Counterintuitiveness 
Decoder - Contextual Compass

  1. Map of Crunkshusness 
  2. Map of Countryness 
  3. Map of Corporateness 
  4. Map of Collegeness 
  5. Map of Cheekyness 
  6. Map of Californianess 
  7. Map of Caribbeaness 
  8. Map of Congressness
  9. Map of ComNetOrgNess 
  10. Map of Culinaryness 
  11. Map of Contagioness 
  12. Map of Commanderness 

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