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Map of Counterintuitiveness

INSTRUCTIONS: Follow the numeric pattern on the Map of Counterintuitiveness 1 to 102... then follow the same pattern as you read through each of the other Maps! Then read the Contextual Compass to decode the Mapmakers Multiverse!
Map of Counterintuitiveness Version 20210526

About the Map of Counterintuitiveness

The following 5 bullet points were extracted from the Contextual Compass Compendium, to guide your journey:

  1. Each Map contains a parallel universe of positive and negative energy.

  2. Notice the GOLD LINE (the "bifurcation line") in the middle of each Map, which separates the positive and negative dimensions.

  3. Above the Gold Line, positive energy is naturally uplifting, but below the Gold Line, the negative energy is a draining force.

  4. There are 17 horizontal rows, each containing a 6 panel narrative. The energy gradient on the right-side column expresses the numeric energy value of each row's narrative.

  5. Following the instructions on each Map, take the “hero’s journey” down into the darkness, then back up into The Light; where the high energy quantum potentiality of spiritual intention and powerful decisions changes everything.

Mapmakers Art Installation

Instructions - Map of Counterintuitiveness 
Decoder - Contextual Compass

  1. Map of Crunkshusness 
  2. Map of Countryness 
  3. Map of Corporateness 
  4. Map of Collegeness 
  5. Map of Cheekyness 
  6. Map of Californianess 
  7. Map of Caribbeaness 
  8. Map of Congressness
  9. Map of ComNetOrgNess 
  10. Map of Culinaryness 
  11. Map of Contagioness 
  12. Map of Commanderness 

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