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Map of ComNetOrgNess

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From the Spring 2021 Collection V.2021.05.26 (click on image to enlarge)

Map of Comnetorgness Version 20210526

About the Map of Comnetorgness

While the previous piece in the collection contained the topical artistic expression of a contextual paradigm through which all Americans could unify, this 9th piece became a platform for the expression of a global paradigm now intrinsic to human life on Earth - the internet.

Throughout human history, failures in accurate judgement have led to the fleecing of the vulnerable and the corruption of the minds of children. This 9th piece confronts one of the most challenging and concerning aspects of internet use; discernment.

As the world is now presented to us through the medium of the internet, which an entire generation has been conditioned to engage in as if it were a consequence-free video game, users are low hanging fruit for cyber-criminals, and deception exists around every corner.

Above the bifurcated line of integrity the famous phrase “Who do you listen to?” is presented, to remind the viewer not only to question everything, but to choose their sources of information wisely.

Mapmakers Art Installation

Instructions - Map of Counterintuitiveness 
Decoder - Contextual Compass

  1. Map of Crunkshusness 
  2. Map of Countryness 
  3. Map of Corporateness 
  4. Map of Collegeness 
  5. Map of Cheekyness 
  6. Map of Californianess 
  7. Map of Caribbeaness 
  8. Map of Congressness
  9. Map of ComNetOrgNess 
  10. Map of Culinaryness 
  11. Map of Contagioness 
  12. Map of Commanderness 

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