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Map of Culinaryness

Fueled by the sun, grown to perfection, and consumed with joy! Emoji Souls use discernment and positive choices to stay healthy and vibrant!

From the Spring 2021 Collection V.2021.05.26 (click on image to enlarge)

Map of Culinaryness Version 2021.05.26

About the Map of Culinaryness

As the element of discernment was explored throughout the contextual narratives of each piece in the Mapmakers collection, this 10th piece attempts to confront one of the most challenging areas of discernment in modern life - consumption.

In the multi-trillion dollar food and beverage industry, options are made available for everyone at every economic level; some proven scientifically to be more healthy than others, and some proven to have adverse effects.

Due to the mass diversity in choices one makes over a lifetime, and the changing biological nature the body’s response to what it consumes, everyone experiences a degree of emotional pain related to food; such as frustration, grief, despair, misery, feelings of being out of control or hopelessly addicted.

The Map of Culinaryness evolved to not only caricature the potential dark side of decisions about food, but showcase the beauty of the emotional freedom earned from repeatedly making disciplined positive choices.

Mapmakers Art Installation

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