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Map of Congressness

In God We Trust! Celebrate one emjofied universe under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! Explore the political paradigm inside the Mapmakers Multiverse!

From the Spring 2021 Collection V.2021.05.26 (click on image to enlarge)
Map of Congressness Version 20210526

About the Map of Congressness

Nearly three years into the consciousness research project that gave rise to the Mapmakers Multiverse, the first 7 pieces had expanded into an array of cultural and topical themes that expressed an energetic coherence meant to excite viewers about this new scientific field.

Yet to induce a sense of greater unity in consciousness amongst the viewers, the collection needed an element of widespread commonality virtually every American could reflect upon as profound truth. 

Ironically, the 8th piece showcased a topical context that virtually every American HATES - politics.

Thousands of calibrations had been performed in regards to the political circus of 2016 and 2017, as America transitioned into unknown territories with a business figure as Commander in Chief; disrupting the stride of political elite’s control over the office from 50+ years prior.

This 8th piece in the collection calls a spade a spade, drawing its cultural reflections from the 2300 years of wisdom expressed in the Great Books of The Western World, and presents the viewer with a critical extrapolation of where the quantum line of integrity forever stands.

Mapmakers Art Installation

Instructions - Map of Counterintuitiveness 
Decoder - Contextual Compass

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