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Map of Crunkshusness

Mapmakers Unity Maps 1 of 2!The Unity Maps originated in 2016 during an exploratory project extrapolating research about the oneness of consciousness... And the Mapmakers Multiverse was born!

From the Spring 2021 Collection V.2021.05.26 (click on image to enlarge)

Map of Crunkshusness Version 2021.05.26

About the Map of Crunkshusness

The creative inspiration for this 1st piece in the Mapmakers Multiverse art installation, and the 2nd piece which immediately followed, arose during early 2016, in conjunction with a cultural consciousness research initiative.

The energetic balancing of the two pieces continued throughout 2016, incorporating 15,000 calibrations and over 5000 panel changes while resolutions to critical points regarding racism in the collective unconscious were explored.

The Map of Crunkshusness and the Map of Countryness, titled The Unity Maps, are intended to be viewed side by side in a gallery setting, where they can be compared for similarity and contrast.

The didactic narratives that flow throughout each piece are meant to help eliminate divisions in the mind and evoke a celebration of differences, while observing the reality that we are all one in the same via the source field of consciousness.

Mapmakers Art Installation

Instructions - Map of Counterintuitiveness 
Decoder - Contextual Compass

  1. Map of Crunkshusness 
  2. Map of Countryness 
  3. Map of Corporateness 
  4. Map of Collegeness 
  5. Map of Cheekyness 
  6. Map of Californianess 
  7. Map of Caribbeaness 
  8. Map of Congressness
  9. Map of ComNetOrgNess 
  10. Map of Culinaryness 
  11. Map of Contagioness 
  12. Map of Commanderness 

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